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I need you to plan a meeting for ....

Have you ever been asked to plan a meeting and not known how or where to begin? Did you panic? Or, did you perhaps bury the request in your "to do" list hoping that no one would notice or possibly remember that they'd asked for your assistance? If so, you could have unknowingly put yourself and/or your company at risk of failing to accomplish goals and objectives paramount to the bottom line.

The planning and executing of a meeting can be very daunting for someone who has never planned a meeting before, or for someone who plans only an occasional meeting while still trying to keep up with their regular day-to-day responsibilities. It will be far less daunting, however, if you first begin the process with a PLAN that identifies and/or defines:

  • Your goals and objectives and key messages.

  • Your intended primary and secondary audience.

  • The action items and the sequence of tasks that much be accomplished.

  • A time line for when each task must be completed and by whom.

  • AND, most importantly -- YOU need to surround yourself with a team of experts to assist you.

To LEARN more about the process I used to help me succeed throughout my career as a corporate meeting professional, check out "The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings."

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