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“Not It” An Approach to Life

With the holidays fast approaching and knowing full well that while there are many people who relish this time of the year, others who are struggling with various aspects of their lives may not feel quite the same.

I recently wrote a review of a book written by Lori Rehnelt titled "Not It" An Approach to Life, that I wanted to share on this blog site because I feel so strongly about what the author had to say and thought perhaps her message might offer some food for thought for you or someone you know.

The book is based on the childhood game "Not It" and draws upon the author’s real-life experiences, the obstacles she faced along the way, and the tools she used to help her define and then eliminate the obstacles (the “Not Its”) that were keeping her from attaining personal happiness and professional success. She shares her tips and those of others in this wonderfully written book of a life lived and lessons learned in the hopes of showing others how they too can do the same.

If you are struggling with relationship or work issues, need to make some changes in your home or work environment and/or need to take steps to secure your financial future, and you're ready to make the necessary adjustments, this book offers some clear-cut strategies to help define your “Not Its” and begin to set a new course. If you are just starting out on life’s journey, much can be learned from reading this book BEFORE you get too far down the road. It just may save you from making some unnecessary blunders.

Author Lori Rehnelt (now Lori Aufderhar) is a life coach, founder of and president of Systems for Changes, “where she helps businesses and individuals navigate transitory phases by creating systems that enact positive, sustainable changes. “


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