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3 Handy Templates to Streamline the Planning Process

Planning successful meetings is both challenging and rewarding. The processes and systems you develop and put into place will make the difference between success and failure. And, trust me, when I say, it doesn't happen overnight.

What you do and how you do it takes time. It takes patience. It takes practice. And, it takes making mistakes along the way to make you stronger and better.

You'll find these three handy templates in my book to help you streamline your meeting planning process and help make sure you don't miss a step or skip a beat.

1) Overall Meeting Action Plan : To help you lay out your meeting plan by defining your meeting goals and objectives, target audience, key messages and theme, team members and levels of authority, and all the many action items and related tasks.

2) Meeting Time Line: To help you identify and track all the tasks, deadlines and people responsible for seeing things through from beginning to end.

3) Request for Proposal (RFP): To help you identify for your preferred vendors your SPECIFIC meeting needs (# and type of guest rooms, meeting and food and beverage requirements, concessions, etc.)

You'll find these three templates and more helpful tips and planning strategies in my book, "The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings." Available from Amazon in print, e-book and audio.



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