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CEOs Predict the Future of Face-to-Face Meetings

"Face-to face meetings and interactions will be more important and valuable than ever; but they will be different," writes Jordan D. Clark after two weeks of discussions he had with CEOs from across the country.

Below is a link to an article the author wrote as a result of these meetings: "CEOs Predict the Future of Face-to-Face Meetings," a very positive assessment of the future of face-to-face meetings in light of the Nation's current health crisis.

The article addresses the current status of meetings, where they go from here and the important role meeting professionals will play in the planning process moving forward.

Click on the link below or copy it to your browser to learn more.


Jordan D. Clark, is CEO and managing partner of FACE2FACE Meetings & Incentives and a meeting industry veteran of more than 30 years.

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