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There are many components (or elements) to the meeting planning process which I discuss in detail in my book, “The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings.” Of these elements, there are FIVE core competencies that I believe meeting professionals must possess or strive for in order to be successful. In addition, my +1 core competency (#6 below, Life/Work Balance) is a must-have, must-do in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. Maintaining this balance will in turn help give you the strength and mobility required to operate under stressful, ever-changing conditions and situations you will undoubtedly be faced with throughout your career.

The Five (+ 1) Core Competency Must-have of which I speak are:

1. Project Management

2. Budget Development/Revenue Management

3. Contract Review and Negotiation

4. Site Search & Selection

5. Communication/Marketing

6. Life/Work Balance

By my definition Core Competency (or skill proficiency) = knows AND can apply. “Competency” isn’t just about the “knowing.” It’s also about being able to “apply” the “knowing.” For instance, one can “KNOW” all there is to know about Project Management but unless you can “APPLY” the learned principles to the projects you’re managing, there will be issues and unintended consequences.

Said another way, simply reading a book or taking a course on project management does not make you an expert nor does it guarantee success. One must also be able to apply the principles behind the process to become competent in this or any of the other core areas for you or your project to be successful. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes practice. And it may take making mistakes along the way which will in the end make you, your organization and your programs stronger.

Rather than write one long blog about these important competency must-have for meeting professionals, I decided it would be best to write individual posts about each instead. I do hope you will follow along as I add one at a time. You can delve deeper into each of the competencies in my book, "The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings," available for order through my website or direct through Amazon.

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