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Updated: May 28

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoy my blog posts. My goal is to make them interesting and informative and relative to the hospitality/meeting planning industry. I've organized the posts into categories in the hopes of making them easier to locate. For instance, when I visit a new hotel property and write my review, that blog will be found under "Site Inspections."

If you have suggestions for future blog posts or you'd like to write a guest blog or co-write a post with me, please do reach out to me through my website's Contact section.

If you're not yet following me on other social media outlets, you can find me at:




And, If you haven't yet read my book, I do hope that you will consider doing so. I truly believe it will help you gain the expertise required to help you plan your next successful meeting.

Lastly, after you've read my book, I would be honored if you would consider writing a brief review, because reviews really do matter. They keep writers energized and help potential readers decide whether or not to buy.

Plan well. Be well. Be safe.

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