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Late this summer Nadia Giordana, a Minnesota author and editor of WINK (Writers in the Know magazine) approached me about being part of a panel discussion for It's a Woman's World centered on my role as a corporate meeting planner -- how I got my start to how I came to write my book, “The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings.”

I agreed to do this with a fair amount of trepidation I must admit and the segment was recorded October 3.

As with the meeting planning process, producing and preparing for video conferencing be it a one-on-one networking connection or a larger business event via Zoom or another virtual meeting/video conferencing platform also requires a process.

Up to this point, however, I never gave the overall “process” much thought.

I had no clue about lighting or sound, staging your space, how to dress or do my make up, much less how I could/would be perceived by others who saw me on camera – if I didn’t prepare to "face the camera" properly.

I would see my image on the screen and sometimes think, “Is this what I really look like?” and sort of cringe. I didn’t know there were fixes to what I was seeing, nor the positive outcome of any such fixes. Until my interview, that is.

In preparation for the October 3 taping, Nadia and Beverly Crosby a trainer, producer, editor and storyteller with over 30 years in photography and video work walked me through the full production process and gave me some expert advice.

Pre-COVID the It's a Woman's World episodes were produced live in a real studio, edited and then broadcast to SPNN and MCN6. For the time being, they are being produced via video conference, edited and then released to SPNN and MCN6.

Between the personal tips they shared with me on what to wear (colors and patterns that work best, accessorizing, etc.) how to do my make up, how to set my space up for the interview, and the proper lighting and sound required to insure best results, I felt a little more at ease.

Here is the final result. Feel free to watch all or part of the interview and share as you wish.



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