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Worker B Wellness – It’s more than a spa

882 West 7th Street | St. Paul, MN 55102 | 651.998.8866


Contact: Rachel Romanelli, Co-founder and COO | Rachel@worker-b.com | Direct: 651.998.8866

Worker B Wellness is located in a National Historic landmark on West 7th Street in St. Paul, originally built for the corporate offices of the Jacob Schmidt Brewery, and next door to the Keg and Case Market (www.kegandcase.com) (formerly the brewery) and current host to Minnesota-driven restaurants, craft brews and other unique retail vendors.

Worker B Wellness (WBW) is more than a spa – more like a wellness center.

It offers an array of holistic wellness services to nourish the mind, body and soul, many of which include the use of sustainably sourced honey-based artisanal skin care products made by their sister company, Worker B Skin Care https://www.worker-b.com/.

The center did a soft open in September 2019 and a hard open October 2019. There are four treatment rooms:

· Two for therapeutic massage, including lymphatic and post mastectomy; and

· Two esthetician rooms for facials, peels, signature silk cocoon hydration, and facial reflexology.


· A 4-person infrared sauna with salt therapy and other color therapy to assist with relaxation and improve respiratory conditions.

· A 165-gallon egg-shape salt float tank used to help relieve anxiety, enhance athletic recovery and improve chronic pain.

· 30-minute guided meditation sessions, Sundays at 10:15 and 11:45 a.m. Sessions are free. No reservations required.

· Bee Therapy talks every 3rd Monday of the month by apitherapist Kahlyn Kellty-Lucas, an international bee educator. Talks begin at 6pm. Talks are free but reservations are required. Talk topics are posted on the Events calendar on their website.

One of four co-founders, Rachel Romanelli has 24-years of experience as a licensed massage therapist. She was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and spent 11 years in Missoula, MT before making the transition to Minnesota nine years ago.

Rachel had a plan and a vision and it’s apparent in the attention to detail and the finished result that she put her heart and soul into the project from the bee-hive shaped wooden entrance door and honey bee stained glass window, to the therapeutic options and educational offerings.

Bee Therapy (referred to as Apitherapy) dates back to ancient Greece and was used to help heal wounds, decrease pain and inflammation, ease arthritis and in general support the immune system. The propolis, also referred to as “bee glue,” helps protect the hive from bacteria and pests; and is thought to do the same when treating human conditions as well.

Meditation Room

Upon arrival, clients are shown to the Meditation Room to await their wellness service.

This room is pretty amazing on its own and a not-to-be missed experience.

It is actually referred to in architectural design terms as a “floating” room. These “movable installations of wax” were first developed by Wolfgang Laib of Germany and are more common in Europe and Asia.

The Meditation Room was created out of 570 pounds (REALLY) of bees wax sourced from a local farm.

The original structure of the room could not be modified due to historic preservation guidelines making it necessary for the bees wax to be built-in (“floated”) within the confines of the original structure. The walls were cocooned in plywood to enable the bees wax to adhere to the surface and covered floor to ceiling; hence, the concept of “floating.”

The bees wax gives off a soft yellow-gold color. Gold hexagon-shape tile, in-floor heating and geometric –style furniture add to the ambience and warmth of the room.

Four active beehives are kept on the rooftop from May to October; the hive air is continuously vented into the center during those months. A propolis diffuser is used in the Meditation Room during the hibernation period.

The honey fragrance is truly a delight to the senses and at once very calming.


Adding to the serenity of the Center’s atmosphere is the lulling music that flows through the center created by the band IE (https://iesounds.bandcamp.com), using the ambient noise of the bees themselves at different stages of work and relaxation through the strumming and humming within the hives.

Infrared Sauna

The 4-person sauna and salt machine with temperatures starting at 130⁰ does not feel as hot as a steam sauna. It is equipped with infrared science remote color therapy for the senses: green for grass; orange for the sun. Sessions last 20-30 minutes.

Salt-Water Float Tank

This egg-shape tank is a site to behold and something I’ve almost talked myself into trying.

The enclosed tank (warmly referred to as “Edna”) is filled with 165 gallons of water, 1100# of salt and maintains a temperature of 96⁰. Once the top is lowered, you receive instructions from a “friendly voice” recording directing you to three buttons: one to control the lights; one for stars; and one for music. Sessions last 60-90 minutes and you do have the ability to close the tank completely or leave it open to accommodate your comfort zone.

The water used in the tank comes from a local aquafer; there are no chemicals or limestone. The water is run through a filtration system once and day and kept on constant fill due to evaporation, and is subject to regular health inspections.

After your treatment

Rose Street Café and Patisserie

An unexpected find, opened July 2019 and located down the hall from Worker B Wellness is this French café and patisserie with a “bread-centric” menu of breakfast and lunch items and incredible pastries. Enjoy seating inside during winter and patio seating during the warmer months.

And, coming soon: The Rathskeller, an event space on the building’s basement level and under the direction of Phil Gagne, former Schmidt Brewery head brew master. More details and another site visit to follow pending completion of the space.

Prepared and written by Mary Jo Wiseman, CMP |Author, “The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings."

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