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Organizing Passwords

Jeana Walz, Xtreme Assistant Services recently wrote the following article for her newsletter and I thought it too relevant not to share with my contacts I asked her if I could share the article; she graciously agreed, so here it is.

"Do you have a hard time keeping up with all your logins and passwords? Do you have a hard time coming up with passwords for new sites? Have you ever been hacked? If so, chances are your passwords are not secure or strong enough. According to a recent survey, nearly half the respondents find most of the information regarding online security confusing. It’s no wonder password re-use continues to put individuals and companies at risk. The ever so popular password ‘123456’ has been found 23 million times in the breaches. And, while the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issues guidelines regarding secure passwords, few people take the time to read through a 50+ page document that’s routinely being updated. According to the 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information is $148. Once your password is exposed, attackers can use that information to access your other accounts, including your bank account. The easy answer — adopt a password manager such as RoboForm. You don’t have to remember or write down your passwords. The system lets you audit your passwords, ensuring you’re not duplicating them across various sites. You can also store and quickly fill in online forms containing sensitive information such as bank account and credit card numbers. We should all be using a password manager. As our lives become increasingly digital, data breaches will continue to crop up. You can significantly protect your online privacy with common sense and simple precautions. By choosing to adopt a password manager, you’re taking a sensible step to protecting your online privacy. RoboForm effortlessly and easily reduces your risk."

Prepared and written by Jeana Holloman Walz | Xtreme Assistant Services | July 2019 |

Mary Jo Wiseman, CMP | Author, “The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings” |


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