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Book Recommendation: 45-Minute Marketing by Patricia Reszetylo

Looking for some keen insights into how to increase your revenue stream as an independent planner?

I recommend you consider reading Patricia Reszetylo’s book, “45-Minute Marketing: How to find $10,000 in your business in 45 minutes without spending a dime.” It’s a quick, easy read with lots of helpful information. She shares real-life examples and outlines steps business owners can take to transform their bottom lines.

I found the chapter on More Leads-Joint Ventures to be of particular interest, especially for independent planners in light of what is currently happening in the hospitality industry with the reduction in hotel commissions being paid to “third parties.” In this chapter she talks about the importance of forming partnerships “to share markets or endorse a specific product or service to their customer base – usually under a revenue share arrangement.” In other words, you need to “find partners who serve the exact same type of clients that need or want what you sell.”

As an independent planner think about all the different suppliers you use and/or recommend to others besides hoteliers like: caterers; audio visual; production companies; florists, décor companies; entertainers; printers; specialty products, etc. that you should/could be forming partnerships with to generate additional revenue to make up for what you are losing on the hotel commission side. The author also offers valuable insight also into cross-selling and upselling that is quite compelling and informative.

As a former hockey mom, I found this quote from Wayne Gretzky that Patricia shared in her book to be right on target: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Patricia Reszetylo has been in one business or another since she was a teen. In 2004, she wrote an e-book, and was swept into a whole "nuther world" of direct response marketing. In her first venture into online, digital marketing, she accidentally discovered her business model created a whole new status for her - now she was regarded as an authority, a micro-celebrity, and an expert, in her industry. Now she helps her clients achieve that status in their own industry, market, or niche, through the use of many of the ACE-creating strategies she herself used. She's also highly proficient in finding untapped profit centers, undeveloped or overlooked areas of her clients' businesses, which, once harnessed, sometimes bring in more than the "main" business. When she's not helping her clients, you can find her off riding her horse, or planning her next grand marketing adventure.

To claim a FREE copy of Patricia’s "45 Minute Marketing: How to Find $10,000 In YOUR Business In 45 Minutes Without Spending A Dime," and a complimentary "$10k Business Breakthrough" session, visit


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